International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law, Instalment 37

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This massive work represents the labour of hundreds of lawyers and scholars throughout the world. It is undoubtedly the most extensive and through examination of comparative law on the international level ever published. It incorporates not only detailed descriptions of the legal systems of more than 150 countries but, above all, thoroughly documented comparative analyses of the main issues in civil and commercial law and related issues world-wide. Consisting of 17 volumes in total, each volume is divided into 6-20 chapters written by relevant specialists. Rather than delaying publication until the volume is complete, every chapter is published on completion in paperback form. Several of these chapters, not necessarily of the same volume, are sent to subscribers in single instalments 2 to 4 times a year. Once all the chapters in a given volume are ready, they are indexed, updated where necessary and sent to subscribers in high-quality hardback form. For an up-to-date list of published instalments, their contents, and subscriber discounts, please contact:


Vol. V: Succession.

Chief Editor Karl H. Neumayer 3

Neumayer, Karl Heinz

Intestate Succession. 2002. 69 p. 8

Schwind, Michael A.

Liability for Obligations of the

Inheritance. 2002. 22 p. 9

Karl Kroeschel / Wolfgang Winkler

Succession to Agricultural Property.

2002. 52 p.
Vol. XII: Law of Transport.

Chief Editor Rolf Herber 5

Muller, Walter

Inland Navigation. 2002. 71 p.
Vol. XIII: Business and Private


Chief Editor Detlev Vagts 8

Hemstrom, Carl

Associations. 2002. 83 p.
Vol. XVI: Civil Procedure.

Chief Editor Mauro Cappelletti 3

Clark, David S.

The Organization of Lawyers and

Judges. 2002. 157 p. 10

Kerameus, Konstantinos D.

Enforcement Proceedings.

2002. 113 p.
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