Tales of Swordfish and Tuna

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Oktober 2000



Zane Grey fished up to 300 days a year. But, with all that time on the water there was nothing more exciting or more compelling than the really BIG fish-- the giants of the sea. Blue fin tuna are (even today) still sometimes pursued with harpoons!


Zane Grey was born in Zanesville, Ohio in 1872. He attended the University of Pennsylvania on a baseball scholarship where he became a dentist. However, his heart was not in dentistry, it was in writing. In 1905 he married Lina Roth. They had three children, and eventually moved to California where Zane could both experience the West and write about it. He was one of America's most prolific authors, writing almost 90 books. He died of heart failure in 1939.


Tales of Swordfish and Tuna is a new collection of Grey's saltwater-fishing adventures. They are well worth reading for pleasure and instruction. Just as he invented the Western, Grey also pioneered sporting fishing for the large ocean species of game fish.--E. W. Smethurst Jr., "The Chicago Tribune"
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