The Bad Driver's Handbook: Hundreds of Simple Maneuvers to Frustrate, Annoy, and Endanger Those Around You

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August 2005



Myths of the "good" and "bad" driver are debunked by describing in detail the liberating truths about driving that have long been suppressed. Comical commentary and tongue-in-cheek observations are provided on such topics as intimidating pedestrians, making one's car louder, the dos and don'ts of sleeping at the wheel, and driving when one can no longer see. There is an exhaustive list of "Did You Knows?" such as: "Did you know if you get boxed in by other, smaller cars in a parking space, you have the legal right to bash your way free?" This entertaining guide is also full of safety tips, such as "do not drive with your feet until you have mastered driving with your knees," and definitions like "Pedestrian: annoying obstacle infringing upon your right to drive at any speed you choose." Hidden meanings behind ordinary traffic signs are revealed, including the coyly worded No U-turn sign, which actually means "look both ways for police officers, and if you don't see any, go ahead and make the U-turn."

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