Philosopher at Work

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Like no other philosopher of this century, the late Yves R. Simon grappled with philosophical issues that still carry weight today. This collection of his essays explores an impressive range of genuinely foundational topics of philosophical inquiry. These essays discuss, among other topics, the relationship between faith and reason, the nature of sensation, and the various meanings of work. SimonOs significant contribution to philosophy through these varied essays is unquestionable, and this is the first such collection of his works.


Chapter 1 Editor's Note Chapter 2 A Brief Chronology Chapter 3 The Philosopher's Calling Chapter 4 The Concept of Work Chapter 5 Maritain's Philosophy of the Sciences Chapter 6 The Rationality of the Christian Faith Chapter 7 An Essay on Sensation Chapter 8 Nature and the Process of Mathematical Abstraction Chapter 9 On Order in Analogical Sets Chapter 10 To Be and to Know Chapter 11 Bibliography Chapter 12 Index Chapter 13 About the Editor


Anthony O. Simon is the son of Yves R. Simon and director of the Yves R. Simon Institute.


A valuable new collection ... -- Marc D. Guerra Perspectives in Political Science The eight essays in Philosopher at Work provide a fine introduction to the style and range of his thought by the inclusion of essays typical typical of his philosophical strengths, especially epistemology and philosophy of culture. ...the presentation of the insights of an important but under-appreciated thinker in the 20th-century tradition of Thomistic philosophizing on a range of theoretical and practical topics. International Philosophical Quarterly The eight essays deal with an impressive range of topics, giving readers some sense of the unusual breadth and depth of Simon's thought. What is most noteworthy is that each of the essays treats a genuinely foundational topic of philosophical inquiry and makes a significant contribution thereto. Moreover, the scholarship is impeccable. The Review Of Politics One must be greatful to Anthony O. Simon for collecting and editing these essays by his distinguished father. Any one of them would be worth the purchase of the book. Review Of Metaphysics The editor's subtle sequencing and detailed cross-referencing emphasize the thematic interconnections within the text and to Simon's other writings. -- Robert Bonazzi National Catholic Reporter
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