Freedom and Community

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Juli 2001



The theory of liberty here propounded by Simon, along with his analysis of authority, democracy, and practical wisdom, contains the elements of a political philosophy that can provide direction to other contemporary political theorists of our times. While the latter have gathered great masses of political facts, they have lacked a normative set of ideas that can make these facts meaningful and useful to political society. Simon's position as a philosopher rather than as a political scientist, is that while there is a science of social and political facts, a normative moral philosophy that knows the ends of human action is necessary because people make good or bad use of their freedom. As always, Simon here writes with a lucidity and moderation that will be satisfying to reasonable people looking for a way out of skepticism and uncertainty. He was no dogmatist, but he knew what he knew and what he did not know. This is the beginning of wisdom and a model for philosophers.


YVES R. SIMON is a world-renowned philosopher, and author of several books, including The Definition of Moral Virtue, Forsight and Knowledge, Freedom of Choice, An Introduction to Metaphysics of Knowledge, Practical Knowledge, The Tredition of Natural Law, and Work, Society, and Culture, all availiable from Fordham University Press. EUGENE KENNEDY is Professor Emeritus of psychology at Loyola University of Chicago


"No political order, democratic or otherwise, can survive a complete lack of authority or complete moral skepticism, for order of any kind is incompatible with genuine anarchy or total nihilism. As political theorists try to discern the distinguishing features of democratic political order, therefore, they can profit from the thoughtful, theoretically sophisticated formulations of Simon, a committed and insightful analyst who took these problems seriously." AMERICAN POLITICAL SCIENCE REVIEW"
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