Crude Power: Politics and the Oil Market

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Mai 2006



In the current political climate of the Middle East and Central Asia, with anti-Americanism and the threat of terrorism in such countries as Saudi Arabia running high, oil will impact the world economy as well as thousands of lives in the future. This is an indispensable book for anyone concerned with the fate of the world today, especially the interplay of power and money in the Middle East and beyond.


Oystein Noreng is professor of petroleum economics and management at BI Norwegian School of Management, and teaches oil supplies and Middle Eastern politics both there and at the Institut Francais de Petrole and the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris.


"a very valuable book...highly recommended."--C.E. Ziegler
"This book is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to understand the relationship between oil suppliers, consumers and governments."--Peter Watson, Lobster 45
"This study takes an in-depth, yet highly readable look at the politics of the international oil market."--Fred Rhodes, The Middle East
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