Into the Vortex of War: A Korean Interpreter's Close Encounter with the Enemy

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Januar 2008



This is the true story of one man's inspired struggle for his freedom during the Korean War. He was a college student supporting himself with a night job in Seoul, South Korea when it was invaded by North Korea. Trapped in the occupied city, he was starving and penniless. He faced intense hardships and was forced to take drastic measures to outwit the enemy and ensure his survival. Using his intelligence, courage, and ingenuity, he escaped the desperate situation in Seoul. He traveled hundreds of miles by foot and eventually joined the US forces as an interpreter. His worst nightmare was realized when he was captured and taken to a North Korean prison camp. This compelling story examines his experience as a prisoner of war and how he gained his freedom under such treacherous circumstances. This book was completed just weeks before his untimely death in 1997. Now the editor, his daughter, published his writing to share the story of his ordeal with the world. Susanne Kim Nelson, Editor

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