Evanescent Isles: From My City-Village

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Juni 2008



Contains essays focusing on Hong Kong's vanishing culture and sensibility. This study discusses about films, pop stars, public transportation, and politics. It is useful for the general reader resident in the city, the traveler in Asia, as well as suitable as a text for literary, cultural or social studies.


Xu Xi ( is one of Hong Kong's leading English language writers. She is the author of six books of fiction and essays, including Overleaf Hong Kong: Stories and Essays of the Chinese, Overseas and the novel The Unwalled City. She has also edited several anthologies of Hong Kong writing. Recent awards include the inaugural Man Asian Literary Award shortlist, an O. Henry Prize Story, the first English language Writer-In-Residence at Lingnan University, and the Bedell Distinguished Visiting Writer at the University of Iowa's Nonfiction Writing Program. She is on the prose faculty at Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing, and also teaches writing internationally at various universities. A Chinese-Indonesian native of Hong Kong, she inhabits the flight path along New York, Hong Kong and the South Island of New Zealand.
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