Our Forests, Our Future: Report of the World Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development

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April 1999



A unique report of the current status and future survival of the world's forests compiled by an international independent commission.


List of figures; List of tables; List of boxes; Statement by co-chairs; The World Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development; Acknowledgements; Acronyms; 1. Forests in crisis; 2. Roots of the crisis; 3. Private and public interest; 4. Managing forests sustainably; 5. Sustaining forests and development; 6. International dimensions of forests and sustainable development; 7. A future for our forests; Glossary; References; Credits; Contributors; Member states of existing multilateral frameworks.


'If we want a habitable planet in future this book should be placed in the hands of all influential people who can bring about the radical change for which it calls.' Ghillean Prance, Times Higher Education Supplement 'This is a fine book, which reviews the present status and future outlook of forests comprehensively, with stacks of ecological and economic statistics and broad-scope analyses.' Norman Myers, Nature ' ... Heartily recommended to any ecologist.' Bulletin of the British Ecological Society 'This well-written and well-illustrated book is essential reading for all ecologists/environmentalists.' A. Mannion, Biologist 'This well-written and well-illustrated book is essential reading for all ecologists/environmentalists. Whilst John Evelyn, in 1664, recognised that 'twere better we had trees than gold', this WCFSD report makes it clear, more than three centuries later, that without forests there is no future.' Biologist
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