Don't Oil the Squeaky Wheel: And 19 Other Contrarian Ways to Improve Your Leadership Effectiveness

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Mai 2004



A playfully subversive new approach to solving age-old management conundrums
In a book that will entertain as it instructs, acclaimed management guru Wolf Rinke distills a lifetime of management consulting experience into 20 easy-to-digest lessons. Offering novel approaches to ancient organizational riddles--for instance: "Don't Satisfy Customers," "Don't Make Decisions," and "Don't Look Good"--Rinke's rules give managers fresh angles from which to reappraise and solve their management quandaries while putting smiles on their faces. - Written by one of the nation's most wellknown business contrariansOffers unorthodox approaches to mastering the complexities and contradictions of managing and leading people to greater productivity and success Organized around 20 tenets, each one focusing on a specific management conundrum that has bedeviled countless generations of managers


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"Wolf Rinke delivers powerful information in a dynamic, innovative, action-oriented style." J.W. Marriott, Chairman of the Board & President, Marriott Corp.; "Put Wolf Rinke's winning strategies to work and You will succeed." Kenneth Blanchard, PhD, co-author, The One-Minute Manager"
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