Rhymester 1

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November 2014



Rosie is a spirited girl of eight years. There are only two negatives in her life: she has no dad and she is bullied by Jeroen.

One day, she finds Rhymester 1 in the park. He was blown out of a book. Rosie would have to bring him back to his Inner World, but that's not easy.

Rhymester 1 is sick, because he cannot eat what Rosie gives him. He could only eat what he does at home and it is a secret recipe. When Rosie finally found the book, she has to face Jeroen...

Wina Swart studied a number of years about history. Between 1990 and 2001, she published a number of books (under the name Will Swart) about the history of Amsterdam. This is his first children's story.
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