The African-American Family in Slavery and Emancipation

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April 2010



This book calls into question the dominant paradigm of the US slave family.


Introduction; 1. Slave trading and forced labor migrations; 2. Family diasporas and parenthood lost; 3. Malnutrition, ecological risks, and slave mortality; 4. Reproductive exploitation and child mortality; 5. Slave household subsistence and women's work; 6. The impacts of Civil War on slave families; 7. The risks of emancipation for black families; 8. Reconstruction threats to black family survival; Theoretical reprise.


'If one is interested in the history of the American south then this book is as essential as Fogel's many works on this subject. It gives a completely new dimension to the darker side of slavery. Much of the published work of recent years mitigates some of the hardships of a slave's existence. As one might expect from a professor of sociology there is a great emphasis on the emotional and tragic disintegration of slave family life due to economic circumstances beyond the control of the slave. It is almost a euphemism to say this book is essential reading on the subject of slavery, nevertheless on this occasion it is a fact.' Open History 'This fascinating work offers many new insights into the nature of slavery in the Appalachian area of the United States ... Dunaway's book is worthy reading for anyone interested in the history of the slavery ... extensive and highly sophisticated ... this book goes some way towards providing a more balanced appraisal of the slave South and all its complexities.' The Economic History Review '... a hugely impressive achievement ... go[es] a long way towards redressing the balance between 'agency' and 'coerciveness' in American slave studies.' History
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