Principles of Project and Infrastructure Finance

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Providing an analytical perspective on the topic of how major projects, such as residential and infrastructural developments are financed, this book is useful for senior undergraduates, graduate students and practitioners. It includes case studies used to illustrate integration as well as to underscore the pragmatic slant.


1. Introduction 2. Time Value of Money 3. Organizations and Projects 4. Corporate Finance 1 5. Corporate Finance 2 6. Project Development 7. Social Projects 8. Characteristics of Project Finance 9. Risk Management Framework 10. Risk, Insurance, and Bonds 11. Cash Flow Risks 12. Financial Risks 13. Agreements, Contracts, and Guarantees 14. Case Study 1: Power Projects 15. Case Study 2: Airport Projects 16. Case Study 3: Office Projects 17. Case Study 4: Chemical Storage Projects


Willie Tan is Associate Professor in the Department of Building and Vice Dean (Academic) at the School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore. He is also the Program Director of the M. Sc. (Project Management) program, and Co-Director of the Center of Project Management and Construction Law.


"It is a solid textbook, succinct and informative. It is rigorous and yet covers difficult concepts in a manner that is reasonably straightforward for readers to understand." -Institution of Civil Engineers
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