Basic Chemistry

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A one-term text that can be used in the following courses: Introduction to Chemistry, Preparatory Chemistry (in preparation for two-term general chemistry), or the first term of Allied Health Chemistry.
Basic Chemistry is written in a style and language that students without science backgrounds can understand. This best-selling introduction to the basic principles of chemistry draws on the student's own experiences through analogies and cartoons to learn difficult concepts. The clear, systematic, thinking approach to problem solving has also been highly praised by reviewers and users alike. Basic Chemistry, Alternate Edition, covers only chapters 1-17.


1. Introduction to Chemistry. 2. Measurements. 3. Matter and Energy. 4. The Structure of the Atom. 5. The Periodic Classification of the Elements. 6. The Structure of Compounds. 7. Chemical Nomenclature of Inorganic Compounds. 8. Calculations Involving Elements and Compounds. 9. Chemical Equations. 10. Calculations Involving Chemical Equations. Stoichiometry. 11. Gases. 12. Liquids and Solids. 13. Water. 14. Solutions and Colloids. 15. Acids, Bases, and Ionic Equations. 16. Oxidation-Reduction Equations and Electrochemistry. 17. Reaction Rates and Chemical Equilibria. 18. Organic Chemistry. 19. Nuclear Chemistry.
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