The Nealy Way of Knowledge: Twenty Years of Extreme Cartoons

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April 2000



For over twenty years, readers have been entertained by the artistic stylings of William Nealy - boater, mountain biker, and cartoonist extraordinaire. With The Nealy Way of Knowledge, fans will be able to peruse over 60 never-before-seen cartoons in addition to the classics that portray the wit, insight, and humor Nealy readers have come to expect. Those unfamiliar with Nealy's cartoons will find strange but true camping stories, outdoor products you can't do without, hot air rubber chickens, skater moms, puns, an ode to duct tape, the roots of mountain biking, terrorizing squirrels, killer woodchucks, and spawning kayaks. If you don't fall on the floor laughing, you might want to check your pulse. (7 x 10, 256 pages, illustrated)

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