Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete

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Januar 2002



Reviews of the first edition: "Factual and straightforward.... Recommended"--Library Journal; "most impressive...clarity and concise...highly thought-provoking"--Muscular Development; "a careful exploration of the chemistry and physiology of testosterone...must reading for the serious bodybuilder"--Southern Bodybuilder; "extremely well documented"--Track & Field News. The first edition of this work, published in 1982, concentrated on the athletes use of and the physicians knowledge of, anabolic steroids. This fully updated second edition discusses the continuing controversy over their use in competitive sports. An introduction of the use and abuse of anabolic steroids is followed by chapters on such topics as anabolic steroid compounds, the anabolic-to-androgen ratio, basic principles of muscle building, current anabolic steroid preparations, anabolic steroid regimes used by athletes, the enhancement of athletic performance, adverse physical effects and mental health risks, the classification of anabolic steroids as controlled substances, growth hormones and other anabolic hormones, the limits of urine drug testing, medical applications of anabolic steroids, muscle building and ergogenic supplements, and addictions.

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