The Pantheon: Design, Meaning, and Progeny, with a New Foreword by John Pinto, Second Edition

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ranks--along with Cheops's pyramid, the Parthenon, Wren's churches, Mansard's palaces-as an architectural archetype.


Acknowledgements 1. In The Temple of The Whole World 2. The Building Proper 3. Background and Principles of Design 4. The Problem of Meaning 5. 'The Most Celebrated Edifice' Bibliography Notes List of Illustrations Index


William L. MacDonald was Alice Pratt Brown Professor of Art History at Smith College.


The Pantheon is an informative and extremely well organized [book on] one of the most important and influential buildings in world history. Throughout, the language is appealing...Not only a coherent summary of the history, description, and analysis of the building, but also a discussion of the relevant architectural issues within a larger framework. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians MacDonald describes the Pantheon's structure in some detail, against the background of contemporary architecture and building methods...and he gives a brilliant resume of its influence on other architects from just after its building to the exceptionally well constructed and readable book. The Economist
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