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Transforming your body into one that feels twenty to thirty years younger is no longer a dream. For astronauts, this form of age reversal is essential. On long-duration space journeys, the accelerated "aging" that occurs as a result of being in a weightless environment causes crippling muscle and bone loss, as well as balance problems.

The need for a program of age reversal became a call to action for Dr. William J. Evans, expert adviser to NASA and former head of the Nutrition, Physical Fitness, and Rapid Rehabilitation Team of the National Space Biomedical Institution. As a result of his remarkable success, readers of AstroFit can now achieve the same age-reversal benefits as the astronauts in training for an eventual journey to Mars. With AstroFit you will:

Increase and maintain the rate of muscle growth, while trimming and sculpting your entire body

Stop bone loss and the bone-thinning disease of osteoporosis

Improve balance while counteracting muscle weaknesses and enhancing muscle "memory"

Ensure permanent loss of body fat

Reset your metabolism level

Prevent muscle loss by following the fourteen-day muscle maintenance meal plan you will not find in any other book

Strengthen your heart, returning your body to the cardiofitness level you had years earlier

Reduce elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol (the major aging hormone), stopping tissue loss, improving neural function, and preventing overall debilitation

Boost your immune system's natural protective ability to maximum levels
Dr. Evans's revolutionary program is based on scientific discoveries fully explained to the lay reader for the very first time. With an investment of just thirty minutes a day, AstroFit helps you shed extra pounds and provides you with a powerful, youthful body for the rest of your life.

At the heart of AstroFit is an all-new exercise regimen based on Dr. Evans's laboratory research for NASA. This bestselling author details the benefits of E-Centric training, which literally reverses the timing sequence of every strength exercise you've ever been told to do. The AstroFit exercises are divided into three progressive programs that can be performed at home, in the gym, or at your office, and require no special equipment.

Dr. Evans also provides a powerful meal plan that allows you to eat for optimum health without ever feeling hunger. And throughout the book are first-person accounts attesting to incredible successes achieved in just ninety days.
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