Real-Life Case Studies for School Board Members

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April 2002



This unique book of real life case studies is intended to assist new as well as experienced board members deal with issues they may face in their school districts. Each of the case studies presents a financial, personnel, academic, ethical issue or problem that could face almost any board. None of the issues raised are simple. The questions at the end of each chapter force the reader to consider not only their own life experiences, but also their personal values. As part of an in-service program for both newly elected or veteran board members, the discussions generated will be a change in approach to the way board members are typically prepared. Under the leadership of a skilled facilitator, the book will provide the opportunity to examine varied points of view on issues facing public education.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Acknowledgments Chapter 3 1 A Manager or a Leader? Selecting a superintendent Chapter 4 2 We Need to Do Something with That School Newspaper First Amendment rights and the school newspaper Chapter 5 3 The Basketball Coach Contract renewal of a difficult coach Chapter 6 4 The Difficult Board Member Conflicts within a board Chapter 7 5 Should We Use Private Contractors? Hiring services of private contractors for school services Chapter 8 6 Cutting the Budget Creating a budget Chapter 9 7 Are We Worrying Too Much about Test Scores? Academic standards and testing Chapter 10 8 Is This an Affirmative Action Program? Hiring of minorities Chapter 11 9 Are We Getting Our Money's Worth From Our Investment in Technology? Appropriateness of technology in the classroom Chapter 12 10 Do You Think They Really Would Have Done It? School violence Chapter 13 11 Shouldn't These Subjects Be Discussed in Public? Executive versus public sessions Chapter 14 12 It's Going to Look Bad in the District The issue of nepotism - unfair hiring practices Chapter 15 13 It Can Only Help Separation of church and state Chapter 16 14 We Have to Get a Contract with These People Contract renewal with employee unions Chapter 17 15 Did the Administration Overreact? Overriding administrative decisions Chapter 18 16 The Basketball Crisis Academic eligibility Chapter 19 17 What Is the Role of the School? Determining what electives should be offered Chapter 20 18 The Bradford Braves Ethnic names for athletic teams Chapter 21 19 It Costs Too Much The debate over preschool education Chapter 22 20 What Is Sexual Harassment? Sexual harassment policies Chapter 23 21 Is It Time for Him to Go? Teacher retirement Chapter 24 22 There Are Lots of People Who Will Help The use of volunteers in the school district Chapter 25 23 Is He Going Too Far? The boundaries of academic freedom Chapter 26 24 The Residence Requirement Residence requirements for superintendents Chapter 27 25 I Was Elected by the People Board of education and the media Chapter 28 26 To Charter or Not to Charter? Approving charter schools Chapter 29 About the Author


William Hayes has been a high school social studies teacher, department chair, assistant principal, and high school principal, and he served as superintendent of schools for the Byron-Bergen Central School District in Bergen, New York, from 1973 to 1994. An active member of the New York State Council of School Superintendents, he is the author of a council publication entitled The Superintendency: Thoughts for New Superintendents. He has also written a number of books, also published by ScarecrowEducation, including Real-Life Case Studies for School Administrators, So You Want to Be a Superintendent?, Real-Life Case Studies for Teachers, and So You Want to Be a School Board Member?, and So You Want to Be a College Professor?.
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