A Speck on the Sea: Epic Voyages in the Most Improbable Vessels

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August 2004



""A gripping compendium of noteworthy small-boat voyages made over the centuries.""
"--John Harland, author of "Seamanship in the Age of Sail
"A Speck on the Sea "chronicles the greatest ocean voyages attempted in the littlest boats. These feats include: Diego Mendez's voyage to rescue ColumbusWilliam Okeley's escape from slavery in a folding rowboatErnest Shackleton's death-cheating journeysAnd more


<h4>Introduction<h3>63 A.D. - Sixteenth Century / The Fogbound Past<h3>Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries / Two Desperate Escapes<h3>1865 - 1876 / Victorian Venturers<h3>1876 - 1900 / The Paths of Glory<h3>1900 - 1920 / A World to Conquer<h3>1920 - 1930s / Lovers and Other Losers<h3>The 1940s / Big Feat, Little Notice<h3>The 1950s / Goofy and Gallant<h3>The 1960s / Doing Your Own Thing<h3>The 1970s / The Pursuit of Happiness<h3>The 1980s / The Golden Decade<h3>The 1990s / Records and Redux<h3>The New Millennium / New Faces and Old<h3>To Sea or Not to Sea / Conclusion<h4>Appendix / Rowers and Other Strangers<h4>Appendix / Other Notable Voyages<h4>Notes<h4>Bibliography<h4>Acknowledgments<h4>Index


William H. Longyard has published several books and has written numerous articles for boating, auto and airplane journals. He has also produced the video, Kayaking in Europe. He has been an English teacher at North Davidson High School for 15 years and is an avid boater and car enthusiast.HOMETOWN: Winston-Salem, NC


"Bill Longyard has put together a gripping compendium of noteworthy small-boat voyages made over the centuries. This is destined to remain the definitive study of this topic for years. A great read!" - John Harland, maritime historian and author of Seamanship in the Age of Sail"
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