The Baha'i Faith in America

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The Baha'i Faith in America provides an engaging and accessible overview of one of the world's youngest and fastest growing religions. William Garlington explores the principles of the Baha'i faith and traces the historical development Baha'i faith both worldwide and in the USA. In the process, Garlington reveals a dynamic and highly idealistic faith that is attempting to offer a model of religious community that is compatible with the continuing process of globalization.


Chapter 1 Foreword by Jeffrey J. Kripal Chapter 2 Introduction Part 3 Introduction to the Baha'i Faith Chapter 4 Origins and Historical Development Chapter 5 Beliefs and Principles Chapter 6 Aspects of Baha'i Community Life Chapter 7 The Baha'i Administrative Order Part 8 The Baha'i Faith in America Chapter 9 Phase I (1892-1921) Chapter 10 Phase II (1922-1957) Chapter 11 Phase III (1958-2000) Chapter 12 Priorities and Issues in the Modern American Baha'i Community Chapter 13 Anti-Baha'i Polemic and Baha'i Responses Chapter 14 Conclusion Chapter 15 Bibliography


William Garlington is a religion scholar who has taught history and religious studies in the United States and Australia for over twenty-five years. He lives in Camarillo, California.


A splendid introduction to Baha'i's place in the American religious landscape. Highly recommended. CHOICE A scholar of history and religion in the US and Australia, Garlington presents historical, doctrinal, and organizational information about the religion's presence in America. He begins by introducing Baha'i in general, its origins and history, beliefs and principles, community life, and administrative order. Then he traces its manifestation in America in three phases from 1892 to 2000, and discusses current priorities and issues and anti-Baha'i polemic and Baha'i responses to it. Reference and Research Book News Garlington, a former member of the Baha'i religious community and former history and religion teacher, accurately explains the progressive Baha'i theological and social teachings and helpfully analyzes anti-Baha'i polemic. Library Journal
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