Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome masterfully synthesizes the vast period from the origins of Rome to the end of antiquity, seamlessly weaving a panoramic view of how the Romans gradually imposed their rule from Britain to Arabia. William Dunstan's compelling narrative balances political and cultural developments, as readers gain fascinating insights about daily life in the Roman world, ranging from the gossip people exchanged to their favorite authors, their passionate religious beliefs, and their clamor for bloodletting in the Colosseum. All readers interested in the classical world will find this a fascinating and compelling history.


Chapter 1: Early Italy
Chapter 2: Origins of Rome
Chapter 3: The Young Republic
Chapter 4: Roman Conquest of Italy
Chapter 5: Duel with Carthage
Chapter 6: Roman Conquest of the Mediterranean World
Chapter 7: Impact of Overseas Conquests on the Senatorial Oligarchy
Chapter 8: Impact of Overseas Conquests of the Economic and Social Organization of Italy
Chapter 9: Greek Cultural Influences on Rome
Chapter 10: Rival Conceptions of State and Society Plague Roman Politics: From the Gracchi to the Social War
Chapter 11: Sulla
Chapter 12: Pompey and Caesar
Chapter 13: Antony and Octavian Wrestle for Empire: Final Dissolution of the Old Republican Order
Chapter 14: Economic, Social, and Cultural Climate of the Late Republic
Chapter 15: Augustus and the Founding of the Roman Empire
Chapter 16: Augustan Social and Religious Policy
Chapter 17: Augustan Art and Literature and the Augustan Legacy
Chapter 18: From Tiberius to Nero: The Julio-Claudian Dynasty
Chapter 19: From Vespasian to Domitian: The Flavian Dynasty
Chapter 20: From Nerva to Marcus Aurelius: The Five Good Emperors
Chapter 21: Government, Economy, and Society in the First and Second Centuries
Chapter 22: Architecture and Sculpture in the First and Second Centuries
Chapter 23: Literature in the First and Second Centuries
Chapter 24: Commodus and the Severan Dynasty
Chapter 25: Third-Century Imperial Crisis and First Phase of Recovery
Chapter 26: Reorganization of Diocletian and Constantine
Chapter 27: Last Years of the United Empire
Chapter 28: Society and Culture in the Later Empire
Chapter 29: Rise of Christianity
Chapter 30: Christian Triumph and Controversy
Chapter 31: Dismemberment of the Roman Empire in the West Epilogue: The Thousand-Year Survival of the Roman Empire in the East Bibliography


William E. Dunstan is a visiting scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and teaches at North Carolina State University.


Will Dunstan's texts are always a pleasure to read and his Ancient Rome is enjoyable as well. The book is a delightful balance between the coverage of topics required of a text and the human elements of history included in the narrative that make history fun to explore. -- Richard Cusimano, University of Louisiana at Lafayette An excellent text: thorough and readable, balanced and inclusive. The strength of the book lies in Professor Dunstan's adept mingling of political and military history with cultural, social, and literary histories of Rome. An undergraduate text cannot divorce one for the rest if students are to gain a through understanding of the Roman world. -- William J. O'Neal, University of Toledo
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