In Defense of the Eschaton

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In Defense of the Eschaton is an anthology of William D. Dennison's essays on the Reformed apologetics of Cornelius Van Til. Written over the course of Dennison's many years of study, the chapters in this volume investigate Van Til's theory of knowledge, revelation, common grace, antithesis, Christian education, and the history of ideas, as well as examine key Scriptures to identify the redemptive-historical structure of a biblical apologetic method.

In the end, Dennison finds that Reformed apologetics must take eschatology seriously. According to the New Testament, the believer has been transferred by faith in Christ into the final stage of history. As a citizen of heaven, the Christian apologist must defend the eschaton of the age to come against the satanic attacks of this present world.

For the cover:
""This marvelous collection of apologetic essays will encourage faith in Christ even as it sharpens the mind.""
--Douglas A. Sweeney, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

""Dennison's treatment is by turn powerful, convicting, and cumulatively overwhelming in its analysis.""
--Derek W. H. Thomas, Reformed Theological Seminary, Atlanta

""For anyone interested in faithfully and consistently bringing the intellectual challenge of the Gospel to our day, this book is for you.""
--Stephen J. Wellum, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

""This stimulating collection of essays presents a robust explanation and defense of Van Til's apologetic for the twenty-first century.""
--Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

""Nobody can fully appreciate the discussion of presuppositional apologetics over the last century without taking Dennison's approach into account.""
--John M. Frame, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

""Bill advances the discussion on all fronts, deftly synthesizing apologetics and eschatology more ably than any other practitioner I know.""
--Alan D. Strange, Mid-America Reformed Seminary

For inside of book:

""The influence of Geerhardus Vos and Cornelius Van Til stands like a colossus in the story of the development of reformed theology in the 20th century. For me their contribution was defining. They figured hugely in my own education at seminary and beyond into a lifetime of ministry. Dr. Dennison understands their significance and his encyclopedic knowledge of his subject makes him a sure guide to their thought and its importance for the world and the church.""
--Dr. Liam Goligher, Senior Minister, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

""Undoubtedly In Defense of the Eschaton is an invaluable compilation of Dr. Dennison's Biblically faithful and insightful efforts in defense of the faith. With every expectation of our Lord's blessing I commend to the reader the work of Dr. Dennison which is produced with scholarly excellence, theological integrity and highlights topics that will no doubt advance Biblical theology united with presuppositional apologetics.""
--Harry L. Reeder, Senior Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama

""Cornelius Van Til has suffered the misfortune of either being dismissed or slavishly idolized. It is the merit of Dennison's work that although Van Til is definitely his teacher, he is guilty of neither but in a clear and accessible manner illumines the profound issues of revelation, common grace, antithesis and Christian thinking that dominated discussions in the Christian Reformed and Presbyterian world of the 20th century. One need not agree with him (or Van Til) on every point to appreciate the significant historical/systematic service Dennison has provided in cla
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