The Maginot Line 1928-45

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August 2003



Introduction - Chronology - Historical background - The structure of the Maginot Line - The Maginot Line in peace - The Maginot Line at war - Aftermath - Bibliography and Further Reading - Glossary - Index


William Allcom has a long standing interest in forts and fortifications, and over the years has visited and photographed many sites. For several years he lived in Luxembourg and Germany, which afforded him the opportunity to extensively visit and explore the heart of the Maginot Line. William has acted as a consultant for several documentary television programs on fortification related topics, and has written several articles for the journal FORT. He currently lives in Southern California. Chris Taylor was born in Newcastle, UK, but now lives in London. After attending art college in his home town, he graduated in 1995 from Bournemouth University with a degree in computer graphics. Since then he has worked in the graphics industry and is currently a freelance illustrator for various publishing companies. He has a keen interest in filmmaking and is currently co-producing a movie.
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