UN International Criminal Tribunals

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This book is a guide to the law that applies in the three international criminal tribunals, for the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone, set up by the United Nations during the period 1993 to 2002. An enormous volume of judicial decisions has emerged from the work of the tribunals, and this legacy will be indispensable as international law moves into a more advanced stage, with the establishment of the International Criminal Court. This is the first book to attempt to analyse and present such materials in a comprehensive manner.


Preface; Table of cases; Table of legislative provisions; List of abbreviations; Part I. Establishment of the Tribunals: 1. Creation of the tribunals; 2. The legitimacy and legality of the tribunals; 3. Sources of law; Part II. Jurisdiction: 4. Territorial, personal and temporal jurisdiction; 5. Subject-matter jurisdiction generally; 6. Genocide; 7. Crimes against humanity; 8. War crimes; Part III. Substantive and Procedural Aspects of Prosecution: 9. General principles of law; 10. Investigation and pre-trial procedure; 11. Trial and post-trial procedure; 12. Evidence; 13. Rights of the accused; 14. Punishment; Part IV. Organisation of the Tribunals: 15. Structure and administration of the tribunals; Bibliography; Index.


Professor of human rights law, National University of Ireland, Galway, and Director of the Irish Centre for Human Rights.


'With The UN International Criminal Tribunals, a 700-page tome, William Schabas has contributed another major work to the canon of international law scholarship. ... this current volume is apt to become the definitive treatise on the so-called ad hoc tribunals created under the auspices of the United Nations.' The American Journal of International Law
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