Communication Theories: Origins, Methods and Uses in the Mass Media

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The Fifth Edition addresses ongoing changes in mass communications and new developments in mass communications theory. The book also applies communication theories to the mass media with current examples from journalism, broadcasting, advertising and public relations to clarify the concepts. A new chapter on cyber communications explores the influential new medium, using discussions of mediamorphosis, hypertext, multimedia, interface design, Internet addiction and Internet dependency. An extensively rewritten chapter on media chains and conglomerates addresses key developments in the field. The book also includes unique coverage of media uses and institutions, meant as an alternative way to think about mass communication. For readers interested in exploring mass communication theory.


I. THE CHANGING MEDIA LANDSCAPE. 1. Introduction to Mass Communication Theory. II. SCIENTIFIC METHOD AND MODELS OF MASS COMMUNICATION. 2. Scientific Method. 3. Models in Mass Communication Research. III. PERCEPTION AND LANGUAGE ISSUES IN THE MASS MEDIA. 4. The Role of Perception in Communication. 5. Problems in Encoding. 6. Analysis of Propaganda: First Theories of Decoding and Effects. IV. THE SOCIAL-PSYCHOLOGICAL APPROACH. 7. Cognitive Consistency and Mass Communication. 8. Theories of Persuasion. 9. Groups and Communication. 10. Mass Media and Interpersonal Communication. V. MASS MEDIA EFFECTS AND USES. 11. Agenda Setting. 12. The Knowledge-Gap Hypothesis. 13. Effects of Mass Communication. 14. Uses of the Mass Media. VI. MEDIA CHANNELS. 15. Mass Media in Modern Society. 16. Media Chains and Conglomerates. 17. Theories of Cyber Communication. VII. BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER. 18. The Overall Picture.
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