The Fighting Days

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Januar 1985



The polarities of public and private, racism and pacifism in the suffragette movement. Cast of 3 women and 1 man.


Wendy LillWendy Lill has not only written extensively for radio, magazines, film, television and the stage, but has also been active in national politics. In 1979, while with CBC Radio in Winnipeg, Lill wrote her first play, "On the Line," to dramatize the plight of striking Winnipeg garment industry workers. Since then, her plays have gone on to examine the Canadian women's suffrage movement ("The Fighting Days"); aboriginal-white relations ("The Occupation of Heather Rose," "Sisters"); pedophilia and mass hysteria ("All Fall Down"); the slashing of social programs ("Corker"); and the dangerous lives of coal miners in her adopted province of Nova Scotia ("The Glace Bay Miners' Museum").
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