9/12: New York After

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April 2003



In a series of snapshots after the attack on the World Trade Center--from a day, to a week, up to a year and beyond--Eliot Weinberger offers thoughtful and provocative reflections on his city, the country, and the state of the world. Originally published only outside the United States, these essays are now available together, and for the first time in English. Taken as a whole, they constitute a remarkable "archive of the moment," way-markers for a story that is still unfolding.


"It stands to reason that Eliot Weinberger, an old Borges hand, should be so adept at teasing out the nightmarish, nearly phantasmagoric dimensions of our country's post-9-11 situation--rich with ironies we might begin to enjoy, if we weren't busy biting our nails to the quick.. . . . For Weinberger, the current administration is the country-s true sleeper cell, with Bush and bin Laden twinned not just by well-oiled family wealth but as men cut off from the world, one in a cave and one on a ranch in the middle of nowhere; one who reads no books and the other who presumably reads one book.'. . . His acid Baedeker illustrates what Geoffrey O'Brien noted . . . that close reading is mandatory in the fallen world." -- Ed Park "Village Voice Literary Supplement"
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