How to Rebuild and Modify Porsche 911 Engines 1966-1989

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März 2003



Never-before published information details the nuances of this daunting task! From dropping the engine, to reconditioning and blueprinting, through final reinstallation and break-in. Dempsey guides you step-by-step through the pitfalls often experienced by even the best mechanics. Contains reliable information on parts interchange, performance modifications, reliability upgrades, teardown procedures, and potential problems encountered along the way. This is essential information for do-it-yourselfers and for those looking to hire a professional.


Trained as a mechanical engineer, Wayne Dempsey, who also wrote 101 Projects for Your Porsche 911 1964-1989, is currently the marketing director and web developer for a Porsche and BMW parts supplier. He lives in Hermosa Beach, California.


European Car" (UK), May 28, 2007"An excellent resource for the DIY mechanic or interested observer."
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