The Creaky Traveller in Ireland

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Dezember 2004



Part travel story and part guidebook, but all charm and wit, this book transports us to another culture. While interesting for all readers, it offers planning and navigation tips for the Creaky Traveler who is mobile but not agile.


Warren Rovetch has been a Fulbright Scholar at Oxford University, an economist, a textbook publisher, and a creator of an environmental education and conference center on the Columbia River. He and his wife, Gerda, live in Boulder, Colorado and have traveled extensively around the world.


To travelers with a few miles on them, those who think age 80 is the time to hang up the suitcases, author Warren Rovetch says poppycock. He believes that's just when a few principles need to be kept in mind when planning a trip: "Nourish the soul. Feed the mind. Rest the body. Leave time for happenings. Have fun." In the latest addition to his "Creaky Traveler" series, The Creaky Traveler in Ireland: Clare, Kerry, and West Cork ($15.95, Sentient Publications) provides for just that, taking readers on a journey through the most beautiful parts of Ireland, with visits along the way with the characters and sights that make the Emerald Isle such an enchanting place to spend time. Rovetch, a Fulbright Scholar who worked as an economist before retiring in Boulder with his wife, Gerda, (whom he lovingly refers to in the books as "G"), writes in an almost wistful style, and this is far removed from the current guidebooks of the day that give practical information about where to stay or eat. Instead, there are poems and lovely prose, hand-drawn, Celtic-font maps and amusing anecdotes. --The Denver Post, May 7, 2006
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Untertitel: A Journey for the Mobile but Not Agile. 'Creaky Traveler'. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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