Keeping Your Toddler on Track Till Mommy Gets Back

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April 2003



This humorous look at fatherhood blends important information and insights with laughs, teaching dads to think less like men and more like 'mommies'. Such issues as how to transform a raging tempep tantrum into a soothing, sing-along duet, how to adapt to the terrible twos, how to keep from getting too pooped to be an effective pop, and more are explained. Timeless toddler tips from the likes of Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas, and Bob Dylan are provided. Honest, wacky, and perceptive suggestions include reliance on two indispensable senses - common sense and a sense of hum our.


Walter Roark is the author of "Keeping the Baby Alive till Your Wife Gets Home." He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Untertitel: The Toddler Survival Guide for 21st-century Dads. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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Erscheinungsdatum: April 2003
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