Queen Victoria

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Dead for little more than one hundred years, Queen Victoria has already been the subject of more biographies than any other woman born since 1800. This newest biography from a well known historian is justified and distinguished by the incorporation of recent research on often-neglected aspects of her life and reign, as well as its relative brevity. Including much of Victoria's own writings from journals and letters, Arnstein takes a thorough look at her personal life and religious views, but also investigates her public role such as her involvement with Britain's army, her political initiatives and her connections with Ireland. The author's solid understanding of Victorian society and its relationship to the queen gives this book a solidarity missing in other biographies of the queen. The book provides enough economic, social, cultural and political background knowledge to make this book accessible even to readers unfamiliar with her now distant world.


List of Illustrations - Acknowledgements - Preface - Introduction - The Cloistered Princess - The Royal Teenager - The Model of Domesticity - The Reigning Partner - Britain's Champion - The Reclusive Widow - The Guardian of the Constitution - The Imperial Matriarch - The Paradoxical Monarch - Appendices - Select Bibliography - Index


WALTER L. ARNSTEIN is Professor Emeritus of History and Jubilee Professor Emeritus of the Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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