That They May All Be One

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The interpretation in this book of the uniqueness of The Catholic Church and its Magisterium is nonetheless progressive as he understands that truth is something that no-one has a monopoly on. The Catholic Church must listen to other traditions and learn from them.


1. The Current Situation in Ecumenical Theology; 2. Its Nature and Purpose; 3. Communion: The Guiding Principle; 4. Open Questions in Ecclesiology; 5. A Rapprochement between East and West; 6. The Joint Declaration on Justification; 7. Petrine Ministry; 8 Spiritual Ecumenism; 9 Contemporary Pluralism


Walter Kasper is President of The Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. German by birth, he spends much time lecturing and giving conferences in the English speaking world. He is the author of Jesus the Christ (Burns & Oates/Crossroad).


'Kasper's very positive book is an invitation to continue this conversation with the Cardinal and, because of his position in the Vatican, with the Roman Catholic Church as such.' - Christopher Hill, Theology--Sanford Lakoff "Theology "
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