Drugs in the Western Hemisphere: An Odyssey of Cultures in Conflict

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Februar 1996



A history of drugs is a study of cultures in competition, argues editor William O. Walker III. Eminently adaptive, drug cultures have competed with proscriptive cultures to create a legitimate place for themselves, although one that the dominant society m


Chapter 1 Introduction: Culture, Drugs, and Politics in the Ameicas Part 2 I Cultures in Conflict Part 3 II Drugs in Latin America, 1920-1940 Part 4 III The Wartime Experience Part 5 IV Confrontation and Controversy Part 6 V Drugs and Security Part 7 VI Drugs in the Americas: An Assessment


This volume is quite simply a stupendous collection of essays... We are reminded how now, as in the past, drugs and drug consumption have been arenas through and within which power and inequality, struggle and competition, attempts at and resistance to domination, combat between the powerful and not so powerful, have been played out at the local, regional, and international levels. -- Harry Sanabria, University of Pittsburgh Walker has compiled a rich selection of perceptive and little-known historical documents on drug production and trafficking in the Americas since the turn of the century... Essential reading for those who want to understand how we became involved in Latin American drug wars, the often-damaging impact of U.S. policies at home and abroad, and why these policies have done so little to stem the flow of drugs into the United States. -- Kenneth E. Sharpe, Swarthmore College
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