The Money Doctor's Guide to Taking Care of Yourself When No One Else Will

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November 2005



One of the greatest challenges a family can face arrives when an elderly parent is no longer able to take care of him/herself. For the elderly, there is a need to pay for the expense of constant care and the desire to live out the twilight of their life in an pleasing environment. Further, the elderly want to shield their children from the unexpected and emotionally challenging position of parenting parents while attempting to care for their own children, "and save for college and retirement. Doc Gallagher has almost 20 years of experience helping people cope with these issues. He also spent six years of this life caring for his father-in-law who died of Alzheimers. This unique combination of professional and personal experience coupled with Gallaghers characteristic blunt, hard hitting style, will make "The Money Doctor's Guide to Taking Care of Yourself a valuable resource.  


Preface. INTRODUCTION: From Welfare to Wealth: My Story. Chapter 1: The Pain and the Plea: Nursing Home Abuse. Chapter 2: The Problem: Denials and Delays. Chapter 3: The Prevention: How to Make It to 98 and Love and Live Every Minute. Chapter 4: The Plan: Powerful Strategies That Protect Profits and Provide Peace of Mind. Chapter 5: The Pressure: When It's Too Late to Plan. Chapter 6: The Power: How to Stay Alive and Active. Appendix A: State Medicaid Offices. Appendix B: State Insurance Commissions. Notes. Index. About the Author.


Dr. W. Neil Gallagher is a Certified Senior Advisor, Certified Asset Protection Consultant, investment educator, and seasoned broadcaster. A graduate of Brown University, host of the Money Doctor Show, and frequent seminar speaker, he has fielded thousands of questions on estate planning, lawsuit protection, tax avoidance, wealth creation, and the psychology of investing. A regular speaker at Zig Ziglara s Born to Win conferences, Dr. Gallagher has presented programs for several Fortune 500 companies. His private practice manages over $500 million in client assets.
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