Psychoatomology: The Interconnectedness of Mind and Matter

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November 2008



Have you ever understood Quantum Mechanics, and how the atom and the mind, intimately interacts? Psychoatomology is a hidden mystery that Egyptologists can only hint about. Explained in vivid detail, you'll never look at life in the same nonchalant manner ever again. As a result, you will understand your virtual connection with, and to All Things, both near and far. For in the actuality that you are not yet acquainted with, you'll be able to comprehend that this life you call real, is simply a channel that you have chosen to tune in to. This knowledge is priceless for those who are ready to discover the reality of their eternal natures. Once having opened its doors, you'll behold the endless world of infinite possibilities, and will finally be able to understand what the Pyramids in Egypt, and the Holy Bible is all about.

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