Canadian Literature in English, Volume 1

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Dezember 2006



W. J. Keith has chosen to ignore utterly both the popular' at the one extreme (Robert Service, Lucy Maud Montgomery) as well as the avant-garde' (bpnichol, Anne Carson) at the other in favour of those authors whose style lends itself to the simple pleasure of reading, and to that end Keith dedicates his history to all those (including those of the general reading public whose endangered status is much lamented) who recognize and celebrate the dance of words.'


References and Abbreviations 9 Preface (1985) 11 Preface to the Revised Edition 15 Introduction 17 Part One: Early Stages 1. The Beginnings in Prose 31 2. The Beginnings in Poetry 48 3. The Beginnings in Fiction 68 Part Two: Poetry 4. The Challenge of Modernism 83 5. The Mythic Versus the Human 110 6. Plain Talk about Past and Present 138 Part Three: Drama and Prose 7. Drama 169 8. Prose 187 A Note on the Contents of Volume Two 205 Index 207


W. J. Keith was born and raised in England. He came to Canada in 1958 where he taught at McMaster (1961-66), then at the University of Toronto (1966-95). Since 1995 he has held the position of Professor Emeritus of English at University College, University of Toronto.W. J. Keith edited the University of Toronto Quarterly (1976-85), and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1979.An updated version of Canadian Literature in English was published in 2006.


'To make use of a pair of words W. J. Keith is suspicious of, Canadian Literature in English, which has just been released in a revised and expanded two-volume edition, is both canon and myth. Canon because it is a principled selection and discussion of key works Keith sees as establishing a national tradition, and myth because it provides a survey of the history and development of Canadian literature that has a particular shape.' -- Alex Good Toronto Star
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