Intervention Skills: Process Consultation for Small Groups and Teams

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Know how and when to intervene in a functioning group Finally, a functional guide that focuses on putting the concept of group-process consultation into actual practice! You'll learn how and under what circumstances a process consultant should intervene to make a group's work more effective. Plus, this guide shows you how to help groups identify, diagnose, and resolve problems as they occur! Be an effective process consultant?this handbook helps you: * Determine the appropriate type and depth of an intervention* Realize the competencies required of the group-process consultant* View the role, future, and ethical considerations of group-process consultation You'll get many real-world examples of how to make critical group concepts work. And you'll get responses to commonly asked questions from working group-process consultants. Intervention Skills is a much-needed guide for the professional consultant, as well as a useful resource for anyone who plays a role in the workings of a small group.Find out why the first printing ot this classic sold out in two weeks! Read this book and make your next group intervention more potent and effective!


Dedication. Acknowledgments. Foreword. Introduction. What is Group Process Orientation. Task and Maintenance Processes: Key Concepts. The Flow of Group Process Consultation: Phase I, Entry. The Flow of Group Process Consultation: Phase II, Work Proper. Types and Depth of Interventions. Phases of Task--Group Development. Group Process Consultant Competencies. Group Process Consultation and the Organization. Potpourri. References. Index.
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