Sources for U.S. History: Nineteenth-Century Communities

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Dezember 2002



This book offers a detailed and comprehensive guide to contemporary sources for research into the history of individual nineteenth-century U.S. communities, large and small. The book is arranged topically (covering demography, ethnicity and race, land use and settlement, religion, education, politics and local government, industry, trade and transportation, and poverty, health, and crime) and thus will be of great use to those investigating particular historical themes at national, state, or regional level. As well as examining a wide variety of types of primary sources, published and unpublished, quantitative and qualitative, available for the study of many places, the book also provides information on certain specific sources and some individual collections, in particular those of the National Archives.


Author's preface; List of abbreviations; 1. Introduction; 2. Demography; 3. Ethnicity and race; 4. The land, settlement, and farming: I; 5. The land, settlement, and farming: II; 6. Religion; 7. Local government, politics, and organized labor; 8. Manufacturing, mining, and business activity; 9. Maritime activity, communications, and the fur trade; 10. Education; 11. Poverty, health, and crime; Index.


'... an important and engaging reference book on nineteenth-century American local history sources that often transcends the subject and reachers beyond more familiar treatments ... .' Journal of Interdisciplinary History 'Sources for U.S. History is a major addition to the literature of research method - unique and important in the guidance it offers for a wide range of historical inquiries.' The Journal of American History 'His breadth of coverage is particularly impressive: one might expect Stephens to document one activity well, but providing extensive discussions for each area constitutes a remarkable accomplishment ... most archivists, even those operating within a particular subject area, could not match the breadth of knowledge reflected in this book ... In conclusion, this book is so useful that one wishes it were even longer.' American Archivist
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