America and the Intellectual Cold Wars in Europe

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August 2002



"Volker Berghahn offers a superb addition to the small roster of books that incorporate the cultural as well as the traditional political, economic, and military elements of analyzing international relations and that examine the reception of other nations to the outward thrust of U.S. government and society. His book is a magnificent integration of trans-Atlantic history on the levels of the individual, the private institution, the network, and government. A wide variety of readers will be interested in this book because it combines political history and cultural history with the emerging field of the history of philanthropy."--Frank Costigliola, University of Connecticut


Abbreviations ix Introduction xi CHAPTER 1: From Nashua and Berlin to Pearl Harbor 3 Nashua (New Hampshire) and Dartmouth College 3 Student in Weimar Germany 6 Reporting on Europe and Hitler 12 Rescue from the Holocaust 23 CHAPTER 2: Defeating and Rebuilding Germany 26 War Service in Europe 26 Occupied Germany 29 Working for U.S. Military Government 33 Back with the New York Times 44 CHAPTER 3: Public Opinion and High Politics in Semisovereign West Germany 52 Joining U.S. High Commissioner John J. McCloy 52 Stone's German-American Network 55 McCloy's ''Harry Hopkins'' 59 Supporting a Democratic Press 68 CHAPTER 4: Mass Society and the Threat of Totalitarianism 77 Elites and Masses 78 Visions of America 85 Totalitarian Dictatorships 92 The Debate on Culture in America 96 CHAPTER 5: Western Intellectuals and the Cold Culture Wars of the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) 108 Mass Culture and the Congress for Cultural Freedom 108 Communists and Ex-Communists 113 Rallying the Anti-Soviet Left 126 The Growth of the CCF Empire 132 CHAPTER 6: Internationalizing the Ford Foundation 143 The Biggest Philanthropic Organization in the World 143 The Conditions of Peace Project 145 The Struggle for a European Program 153 Exporting American Culture 168 CHAPTER 7: Philanthropy and Diplomacy 178 Ford's International Program 178 Looking East 187 Midwife to European Philanthropy 194 Cultural and Political Investments 201 CHAPTER 8: The CIA, the Ford Foundation, and the Demise of the CCF Empire 214 The U.S. Government and the Funding of Culture 215 The Ford Foundation's Washington Connections 220 Rescuing the CCF 230 Scandal and Collapse 241 CHAPTER 9: Coping with the New Culture Wars of the 1960s and Beyond 250 The Establishment of the IACF 250 Financial Straits 255 The Cultural Roots of Failure 265 The Berlin Aspen Institute 276 CHAPTER 10: Transatlantic Cultural Relations in the ''American Century'' 284 APPENDIX I: List of West German Newspapers Subsidized by HICOG 297 APPENDIX II: American Foundations Ranked by Assets, 1960 299 APPENDIX III: International Association for Cultural Freedom, Table of Organization 300 Notes 301 Bibliography 355 Index 363


Volker R. Berghahn is the Seth Low Professor of History at Columbia University. His recent publications include "Imperial Germany 1871-1914: Economy, Society and Politics, Germany" and the "Approach of War in 1914, Modern Germany: Society, Economy, and Politics in the Twentieth Century", and "The Americanization of West German Industry, 1945-1973".


A significant addition to the burgeoning literature on Americanization.
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