Mum's Story

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Mum's Story is a fun children's book filled with imaginative humor and featuring an interesting twist-a story within a story.

Children are drawn into the lives of two sisters, Rose and Lily, as they interact with a mixture of rivalry and friendship. The girls are intrigued when their mum announces she has a special task for them: she has written a children's story, and she wants them to read it and tell her what they.

Her story is about a city boy named Uranus whose parents leave him with his mum's old aunty in the country. Although he is intimidated by her big house and the wide-open spaces, Uranus tries climbing a tree. While enjoying his triumph, he decides to use a branch to paint little men in the sky. When his imagination brings the fantastical creatures to life, he has lively and amusing adventures with his new friends.

Through creativity, Uranus is able to expand his world and boost his self-confidence, while the girls discover through reading their mum's story that people can be full of surprises.
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