Case Studies in Non-Directive Play Therapy

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Januar 2000



The case studies in this book provide a detailed account of play therapy undertaken with children and an adolescent, all of whom experienced emotional problems and/or varying forms of abuse. Through the narrative form of the case studies, details of their therapeutic progress is given, which then informs discussion of wider issues.


Acknowledgements. Introduction: Non-directive Play Therapy with Emotionally Damaged Children.
1. Susan: Beginning Play Therapy.
2. Patrick: From Concrete to Symbolic Play.
3. Diane: Repairing and Creating Identity.
4. Anna: A Silent Communication.
5. A Child without Support.
6. Patricia: Reworking Abusive Experiences in Adolescence.
7. Ben: A Therapeutic Assessment for the Court. References. Index.


Virginia Ryan is Senior Tutor and Supervisor on the MA/Diploma in Non-directive Play Therapy at the University of York and is in independent practice in Hull. Kate Wilson is Senior Lecturer in Social Work, and Director of the MA/Diploma in Non-directive Play Therapy, at the University of York.
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