On Earth as It Is in Heaven: Religion in Modern Latin America

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Latin America has long been strongly identified with the Roman Catholic Church. Yet the face of religion is changing in the region, as is evidenced by new landmarks that now appear on the social and geographic landscape. To date, most books on major religions in Latin America are specific to one religion only, and do not offer a comparative analysis. On Earth as It Is in Heaven: Religion in Modern Latin America not only examines the region's religious m lange, but also gives equal coverage to other religious variations. The nine articles in this volume examine the variety of religious expression in Latin America, focusing upon Catholicism, popular Indian and African religious forms, and new elements such as Protestantism and Mormonism. Offering a comprehensive focus on one of the most prevalent social institutions in Latin American society, On Earth as It Is in Heaven is an excellent text for courses in Latin American history, religion, anthropology, sociology, and political science.


Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 I. Liberalism, Catholicism, and the Church-State Conflict Chapter 3 Piety, Power, and Politics: The Role of Religion in the Formation of the Guatemalan Nation-State Chapter 4 Whose Caste War? Indians, Ladinos, and Mexico's Chiapas "Caste War" of 1869 Part 5 II. Popular Religion and "Folk Catholicism" Chapter 6 Emerging from the Shadows: A Visit to an Old Jewish Community in Mexico Chapter 7 The Metaphor of the Day in Quiche Guatemala: Notes on the Nature of Everyday Life Chapter 8 Preto Velho in Brazil: The Old Black Slaves of the Umbanda Religion Part 9 III. The Catholic Church in Transition: Liberation Theology and Beyond Chapter 10 The Limits of Religious Influence: The Progressive Church in Nicaragua Chapter 11 Brazil: The Catholic Church and the Popular Movement in Novo Iguacu, 1974-1985 Part 12 IV. Protestantism and Religious Pluralism Chapter 13 The Production of Christians: Catholics and Protestants in a Guatemalan Town Chapter 14 Born Again in Brazil: Spiritual Ecstasy and Mutual Aid Chapter 15 Suggested Readings Chapter 16 Suggested Films


Professors now have an important source to turn to when assigning readings for courses on Modern Latin America. -- Todd A. Diacon, University of Tennessee
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