Social Geography: A Critical Introduction

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Introducing the debates that inform current social geographic research and theory and interrogating the historical development of social geography, Social Geography: A Critical Introduction explores how urban and rural spaces are organized in ways that construct and maintain social inequality. * Puts into context the assumptions of various strains of social geographic thought as they have developed historically * Assists students in addressing key social geographic questions and methodologies * Provides a showcase for cutting edge work in the field * Is written in an accessible and lively style, setting out a wide breadth of social geographic research


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Part I Historicizing Social Geography: From Theory to Methodology.
1 Social Geography? What's That?
2 Social Geography in Three Acts and an Epilogue.
3 Thinking Methodologically.
Part II Social Geographies across the Life Course.
4 Social Geography and the Geographies of Health.
5 Communities and Organizations.
6 Social Activism/Social Movements/Social Justice.
Part III Social Geographies through the Life Course.
7 On the Geographies of Children and Young People.
8 Social Geographies of the "Mid-Life"?
9 Ageing and the "New" Social Geographies of Older People.
Part IV Conclusions.
10 Epilogue v. 2.0.
11 Rethinking the Social Geographies of Difference and Inequality.


Vincent J. Del Casino Jr is Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Geography, California State University, Long Beach. He is Book Review Editor of the journal Social and Cultural Geography and has published numerous articles and co-edited the book Mapping Tourism (with Stephen Hanna) (2003).


"By not taking the well-trodden route of segmenting discussions of social geographies of gender, race, age, sex and so on, Del Casino is breaking the mould. He is offering something far superior ... [and] very accessible and student friendly." (Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, 2012) "The Social Geography contribution to Wiley-Blackwell's Critical Introductions to Geography series is a thoroughly up-to-date examination of the field, considering difference and inequality through the history of the discipline before making use of an innovative life-course approach. Del Casino has a fluid and engaging style of writing, incorporating research from a wide selection of subfields in social geography, while also drawing connections and illustrating contrasts." (Area, 2011)
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