Rules and Choice in Economics: Essays in Constitutional Political Economy

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Using an analysis which draws on economics, law, moral philosophy, sociology and political science, Vanberg demonstrates how the rules and institutions which are the basis of cooperation in society can be systematically explained.


"With "Rules and Choice in Economics, Vanberg establishes himself as one of the foremost individualist social theoriests of his generation. There is much to profit from in this volume, and even more intellectual profits are to be reaped by those who pick up his challenge and explore the interplay between the order of rules and the order of actions."
-Journal of Economic Behavior and Organiztion
"I am sure that the book will have a wide impact. It constitutes one of the most important analytical texts in the revival of modern institutional economics. The careful attention paid to Hayek and to evolutionary themes is especially welcome."
-Geoff Hodgson, Cambridge University
"The book is a welcome contribution to recent efforts to rethink the behavioral foundations of social science."
-"Contemporary Sociology
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