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August 2006



Vikas Swarup is a member of the Indian Foreign Service and now lives in Japan. Q&A has won many awards, and is translated into 40 languages so far. It is the book behind the mult-Oscar winning film, Slumdog Millionaire. His second novel, Six Suspects, is available as a Black Swan paperback and ebook.


"This brilliant story, as colossal, vibrant and chaotic as India itself... is not to be missed" Observer "Poignant, funny, rich... with an utterly orignal and brilliant structure at its heart" -- Meg Rosoff, author of HOW I LIVE NOW "Mingling broad humour with incisive social comment, Q&A is absorbing and richly entertaining reading" The Times "This lively picaresque novel has an original and telling premise... a colourful portrait of Indian society is painted with remarkable lightness and wit" Sunday Telegraph "A hugely successful mixture of satire and intrigue" Independent on Sunday
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