Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat

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Juli 2001



"An invaluable resource. (Vigor's) practical wisdom gives you the know-how and confidence to prepare your boat for the sea."--Cruising World. Here is the book that answer the sailor's fundamental question--"Can my boat take me offshore safely?"--then shows how to make it happen.


Part 1. Defining the Capable Boat
1. Seaworthiness
2. Test Your Boat
3. The Essentials
The Hull
The Bulkheads
The Deck
The Cockpit
The Rudder
The Keel
Part 2. Fitting Out
4. Spars and Rigging
5. Ground Tackle
6. Deck, Cockpit, and Superstructure
7. Engine and Propeller
8. Safety Equipment
9. Navigation Gear
10. Electricity
11. The Galley
12. Creature Comforts
13. Self-Steering Gear
14. What About You?
15. The Paper Chase
Part 3. Theory and Practice
16. Surviving Heavy Weather
17. Anchoring in Practice
18. Gastro-Navigation
19. The Black Box Theory
Appendix 1. Overture's Atlantic Adventure
Appendix 2. Beefing Up a Catalina


John Vigor has sailed more than 15,000 ocean miles in boats 11 to 40 feet. He is the author of The Practical Mariner's Book of Knowledge and The Boatowner's Handbook.
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Untertitel: A Guide to Essential Features Handling and Gear. 100 illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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