Occupational Therapy in Forensic Psychiatry

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Role Development is a treatment intervention designed to assist individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia in developing social roles, task skills, and interpersonal skills. Through the resources provided in this book, OT clinicians will have the tools and information to understand role development, to conduct evaluations, and to plan and execute treatment using the set of guidelines presented. The methods used to implement Role Development, a research study from a maximum-security psychiatric facility that documents the effectiveness of Role Development, and case studies demonstrating the intervention's application are also included. *Selected for inclusion in Doody's Core Titles in the Health Sciences, 2005 edition.


Preface Chapter 1. Introduction: Social Roles and Schizophrenia in Forensic Psychiatry Chapter 2. Typical Development of Roles and the Impact of Schizophrenia on the Development of Adult Social Roles Chapter 3. Role Development: Treatment Guidelines Chapter 4. Implementing Role Development: Tools and Resources Chapter 5. Designing an Outcomes-Based Research Study to Assess the Development of Roles in Adults Diagnosed with Schizophrenia Chapter 6. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Role Development: Quantitative Data Chapter 7. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Role Development: Qualitative Data Chapter 8. Case Studies Chapter 9. Response of the Rehabilitation Staff to Role Development Chapter 10. An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Intervention References APPENDICES Appendix A Appendix B Index
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