Calculations for the Veterinary Professional, Revised Edition

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Veterinary professionals perform countless calculations on a daily basis. "Calculations for the Veterinary Professional" combines the perspectives of a pharmacist, the author, Vicki McConnell, and a clinician, the editor, Branston Ritchie, to guide the reader through step-by-step computations followed by practice problems at the end of each section. Veterinary practitioners, students, and technicians will find this a valuable reference. The following topics are covered in this manual: fractions and decimals, scientific notation, temperature and units of volume, equations, ratios and proportions, physical chemistry, dilution and drug dosing by body surface area, IV drips, oral suspensions, eye drop calibrations, nutritional support and metabolic scaling, and toxicology and blood levels.


Preface1. Math Basics, Part 1Fractions and DecimalsScientific NotationLogarithmsRatios ad ProportionsRatiosProportionsTemperatureUnitsVolumePhysical ChemistryMolesMillimolesMilliequivalentsMilliosmolesMoralityNormalityADrug Dosing by Body Surface Area for Dogs and CatsDropper CalibrationDensity1. Math Basics, Part 2DilutionsDrug DosingEmergency DrugsI. V. Drips and SolutionsI. V. DripsI. V. SolutionsParts per MillionPercentagesWeight/WeightWeight/VolumeVolume/VolumeMilligram PercentPercentage of ErrorPercentage or AlcoholPNU per Milliliter2. CompoundingEquationsCapsulesOral SuspensionsEye DropsTopical PreparationsCapsulesOral SuspensionsEye DropsTopical Preparations3. Nutritional SupportDetermining Nutritional NeedsSummary FormulasMetabolic ScalingBasal Energy RequirementsAdjusted Energy RequirementsParenteral Nutrition4. ToxicologyFormula SummaryToxicology ExamplesAppendicesA. EquationsB. AbbreviationsC. Table of ElementsE. Units and System of MeasureF. Temperature ConversionsG. Conversion FactorsH. Answers to Practice ProblemsI. Selected Protein-Calorie SupplementsJ. Power Conversions


Vicki C. McConnell received her BS in Pharmacy from the University of Georgia. She also received her PharmD from the University of Georgia in conjunction with the Medical College of Georgia. She was on staff at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, for nine years. She is currently working for Florida Home Infusion Products, LLP as a consultant and service provider.Branson W. Ritchie, DVM, PhD, is a distinguished research professor, Department of Small Animal Medicine, College of veterinary medicine, University of Georgia
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