Your Church Sign

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September 1999



At last, a single, handy resource is here for the many churches that put sayings on their outdoor signs.


PART ONE: The Concept of the Church Sign
1. The Purpose of the Church Sign
2. The Caption
PART TWO: Captions for the Church Sign
Seasonal Captions
Adaptations of Proverbs, Slogans, Sayings, and Songs
Captions on Marriage and the Family
Captions Related to Prayer
Captions of Encouragement
Captions of Going to Church
Evangelistic Captions
Captions of God in Charge
Captions on the Bible
Captions on Living a Christian Life
Unclassified Christian Captions
General Captions Relating to Proper Human Activity
General Captions Relating to Proper Human Attitudes
General Captions Relating to Proper Human Speech
Other General Captions
Additional Captions


Verlyn D. Verbrugge (PhD, Notre Dame) is senior editor of academic and professional books at Zondervan. He has authored several books, including Early Church History and Your Church Sign.
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